I don’t know what more I should tell you about me, now that these writings here have already revealed myself.


I am not a professional writer, so you will find words and sentences not making sense sometimes.

I might also be an over-sharer, when I use writing to keep all my deep thoughts.

I am not having a particular unique touch for you to search for, such as cooking recipes or comic artist or a poet (even though I wish I could be all that).

I am not a travel blogger, but I do love travelling and I wrote about it sometimes.


basically, this blog can be about any random stuff, any contradictory thoughts (as how my head functions) or any “boohockey” things you might find (a real Friends’ fan over here!).


before jumping to any conclusions, read a few lines, or a few posts (if I am lucky to have your attention) and you can still say “Ah fuck it, this is too … “.

And I will still feel grateful, as long as you keep the part “fuck it”  in your head.

Thanks for being here!


5 thoughts on “About

    1. Oh wow. Thank you so much for your kind words. I thought my blog was a little too over-sharing, but I didn’t want to change it as i treated my blog as a personal value of mine. I tried to keep back my most private parts, but most of other emotions I published it here. I am glad you liked it, i mean it sincerely.

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