A reminder of a valuable friendship

I came across today by accident this post on the blog link below (please check the post out!). Its blogger has a beautiful tone of writing, and I specially shared this post because her words reached my heart at the right time.

Earlier today, I received a lovely message from a friend—without whom I don’t think I’d ever be where I am even though where I am is not perfect. When I was a teenager, I always fancy having a lot friends. Now I am a few years older and standing right at the beginning of adulthood (or I have already been there, I don’t know), I still fancy having a big network for good connections for future, stuff like that. The difference I learnt during those years apart is the big network I’d like to build, I don’t see them as closed friends, as people I run into, cry on their shoulders or show to them my worst form.

Going along with time passing, I have lost touch with many people, unfortunately, I even lost touch with some particular people I wish I had been better to remain in contacts. It bugged me. The way life carried you away sometimes, or the way you used that as an excuse to blame (talking to myself here). It scared me even more, at this time of my life—when I thought I had been through a hard tough time just to find out there always comes worse—I am sucked into the act of isolating. Then I am frightened, thinking, what if there would be no one there when I am ready to step out my own shell?

Today, my friend’s short message reassured me. One is not perfect. One can be really annoying when you get to know one more and more. One can have many bad habits that you cannot stand. One can have this philosophy of life that you cannot even bear to listen more. But for some reasons, one has become your closed friends and one has not left yet. Among all people I have let passing me by, she is still there and I am grateful everyday for it. As much as you crave to be alone sometimes, you also crave for good “open arms”.

Making friends is not hard for some people, but being a friend is difficult for each of us. You surely have your own definition of how a friend should be, but mine is “I just need you to be there. I just need to know you will always be there“.

Friends, we need each other. Live bravely today. Live shamelessly. There are people that will take your invitation. Not only will you find belonging, but most likely you’ll give the gift of it to someone else.

via Panic Attacks. Anxiety and why we need friends. — WONDEROAK

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