And so, I am in France.

So I am in France. I have started to grow my favouritism for this starting sentence, reaffirming my current location and current state. So I am finally in France, I am finally flying to the place I have admitted having doubts moving to but at the same time felt assured, I am finally at the beginning of starting “another story”. I arrived here on Sunday morning, which was not much long ago. Everything is still freshly new and I can actually smell such freshness, on the last 2 days I woke up to the sunlight and a bit breezy wind. I have settled my clothes into closets, some of them still remain in luggages as new people might be here after the next 3 months or so, and I don’t fancy re-arranging stuff. I reckon they seem to be okay for now. I am lucky to sleep in one of the best bedrooms I have been in throughout my abroad life. As in some movies about people taking holiday trips to Mediterranean places, you spot rooms with an opened-window, moving curtains dancing along with the wind and a nice view outside. My room is somewhat at 6 or 7 level, on the scale of 1 – 10. I have not been sleeping with the doors closed. I’d like to let some breezy touches on my skin during the night, something I have not experienced for many months of winter in Finland.

I’d prefer not to allow myself making such a big judgment on something based on first impressions. But I do like to share with you some of things I picked up about this new resident location I am living in: Mandalieu Napoule. I have not yet read any tourist information or brochures about the place. Only up until days before the flight that I actually looked up on Google with my friend. However so, such ignorance I intentionally do this time gives out a best result! I took long walk on the first day, intentionally for a hike uphill to search for supposed-to-be-magnificent views upon this small city (as it looks amazing already on my first few steps); and even though I was not sure if I had achieved that plan, I still caught myself in awe with these views:


Amazing thing I have fallen for of Southern France is curves of the Alps. Imagine yourself walking on one random street, and looking to your sides, you catch glimpses of houses lying over the hills as their jackets. Or in fact, green colour of trees are the hills’ jackets and houses are like decorated fabrics you sewed on those jackets. You want to have a device immediately to catch the views onto something tangible, rather than just your overloaded mind. But only thing you have is your iPhone and there exists rumour somewhere “iPhone is not real photography”. Even so, you decided not to care much as there will be no other time soon you would ever buy a REAL photo camera. So you took the photos. To find yourself feeling a bit bitter for how your eyes see is much more glamorous on how it appears on those photos (damn…).

Then imagine yourself having sunglasses on and wearing the clothes which have been in the back of your closet for so many months (and surprisingly they are not filled with dusts just yet) and walking down the street while Mr. Sun follows your step along the way. You carry with you also a thin jacket, in case of chilly wind from Mrs. Wind who refused to leave, at the time being, as she said Spring is not yet over. The weather is a combination of “mildness”. You then head towards the beaches, allowed sands crawling into your shoes, causing a bit uncomfortable feeling but you don’t mind anyway as you can only recall this same feeling from the last time and you have no clue when the last time was. You saw some French people already dressing “summery”, shorts, no sleeved t-shirts, playing volleyballs and all.

And the last thing I will ask you to imagine, is you standing on somewhat high point, in order for breathing in the “blueness” of sky above and sea below. And breathing out your satisfaction, looking down to transparent water waving itself against the rocks.

Then, you have managed to be in Mandalieu – Napoule with me. And from what I have been told by my employer here, Mandalieu is not a city, it is a village. Such a relief that it is! The quietness, the silence, slowing moving push and the idea of figuring out schedules for the day, only at the moment waking up, will be what I hold onto at least for next coming weeks.

I hope you stay tuned for more things from me, because I am sure more stories will rise up, stories I found not on advertised papers 🙂



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