Random movies reflection

I know I am still on a quest of answering (or trying to) 1000 questions about Jyväskylä city before my flight away; but waking up today I realised I owed myself a post about three movies I recently watched, not series, movies. They have kicked in my brain, have left many touching marks,  and have stayed longer than a regular movie is supposed to under various forms, questions, statements, relation, feelings. I feel as if one day in future, my future self would love to be reminded of these, about that difficult time period and mirror-like reflection upon those movies.

(However, this post is not meant for movie reviewing or critics)

Into the Wild 

After graduating from Emory University, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless abandons his possessions, gives his entire $24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness. Along the way, Christopher encounters a series of characters that shape his life.


Sean Penn


Sean Penn (screenplay), Jon Krakauer (book)

I watched this movie while being in Stockholm, Sweden, with my host. We went out to buy fast Thai food, brought home and had lovely chat while enjoying dinner. At some point in that lovely chat, we talked about nature and people, among many (potentially deep) topics we went through. I mentioned first about another movie named Frozen (not the cartoon one, definitely not the cartoon one), in which three main characters are unfortunately stuck outside over a night whereas weather was extremely cold. They were on a skiing trip. It was one of the harsh movies I have watched, and the fright came not from fictional ghosts or crazy murderers, but from unexpected incident and nature itself. My host, suggested us watching “Into the Wild“, he smiled saying I would love it.
I did. I totally did. As if I was watching my idol living my dream life, even if in last moments of his life, his long-desired loneliness changed into the most haunted fear anyone is too afraid to imagine. He died alone, out of a rookie mistake that anyone could have come across. Christopher grew up in a family, in which he always felt stuck inside, between the fights of his parents and their demand of who they want him to be. He was shaped up based on words from books, and his mind was filled with deepness from how he saw the world. He grew up, graduated and decided to choose irregular life. The life him living in the wood, alone with nature and animals. He went through a whole long path before he even reached there. He lived here and there. He met these people and those. He inspired them in different ways. He connected with them under variable strings.
I watched the movie, and I found a small rising desire to be in where he is. It would be easier, wouldn’t it? Not worrying about society, people around looking at you different or trying to be as ordinary as others, trying to figure out about future as others. I am not sure whether I was sharing the same mindset with the main character while watching this movie, but I can imagine myself curiously listening to his world view. All the people he met along the way, I do always wish to have similar things happened somewhere in my life. I want to live a life, in which I can keep moving, maybe stop here now and then, learn culture and ways of living here now and then. The older I get, the harder my dream is getting to be. Sometimes, life turns out to be more limited than the sentence :”there is no limit as long as you want it“.
On the other hand, the movie ending, represented one of the biggest fear of human being – being alone. I mean, we choose to be alone sometimes. “Being alone becomes a choice“, when you feel as if your trust on others is not as strong as the one you have with yourself. Even so, I was told human is designed to be with each other at some point along the way, which I also agree, don’t you? Having a companion, a friend to share is vital because sometimes, not being alone also becomes a choice.
The vacation of a famous rock star and a filmmaker is disrupted by the unexpected visit of an old friend and his daughter.
I and my friends were not supposed to watch this movie. Our plan was having a thesis seminar, going to have dinner and watching Dead Pool in cinema. It turned out that we were already exhausted enough after the seminar and couldn’t wait until the time of Dead Pool being played; hence, we thought, why not being spontaneous once? We just went straight to the cinema, and picked up one movie on show just at that time and it turned out to be “A Bigger Splash“. I have no idea about background of this movie, and I have not even caught a glimpse of its trailer. One of the rare time I went blindly to watch a movie, and paid money for it too. You can guess where this is going, I love the movie.
On IMDb website, there describes only that one sentence saying about the movie. I ensure you there are more than that, but maybe they are rather hard to capture in words. Maybe such one sentence is already good enough of a general description. I feel like there can be no general description of this movie. It conveys this twisted vibe, where you might feel annoyed at first being wrapped inside but if you just don’t get panic quickly and slowly breath, you will enjoy the wrap. And then there were not many lines being said, but almost things were hidden through character’s face expression. I assume this is the most twisted part, as viewers are free to interpret whatever fits to their own senses. I spoke to my friends after the movie and we all had different opinions & statements. The discussion was fun and interesting enough that I could see us re-start such conversation another time. My friend even suggested maybe the movie was in the list of “things you watch again just to absorb it more“.
High schooler Greg, who spends most of his time making parodies of classic movies with his co-worker Earl, finds his outlook forever altered after befriending a classmate who has just been diagnosed with cancer.
When my friend first told me to come to his place and watch this movie, I thought to my head, God, it would be another funny cartoon movie. But well, again, as you know where this is going, it was not. The movie is beautiful, in its filming style, in its story-telling tone, in its contrast and harmony in colours throughout the scenes. I am aware later this movie is based on a book, which normally I don’t enjoy so much, especially after you reading books, movies are too short to capture all the essence. Even though I didn’t read the book, I still sense its movie is successful in delivering such main essence. It is not like any teenager movie, leaving quite similar impression on me as movie “The perks of being a wallflower“. The story is more to be a tragedy, in which a boy falls for a girl who is dying, and not that kind of intense adult love, but the kind of love mixed with friendship, the kind of love being light but strong enough for him to act non-logical, hanging around a person who soon has to leave living world. It is not an easy thing, has never been easy even to form a connection with a person who you know, eventually leaves your life. I cannot imagine forming unique bond with a person who eventually is too tired to fight for life. The movie is also somehow shown through the dying girl’s perspective, with accepted attitude for a grey world but she still allows last shining shed of lights onto her life. She found good friends, she found people who suddenly care for her during her most difficult period of time. And Earl is a mysterious teenage boy. Even though it might not be revealed much in the movie about him, viewers can sense harshness in Earl’s life and childhood, attributing effort in making him who he is. He seems not to care much, learns to be ignorant of difficulty; however so, in his head, there exists layers of untold stories and different philosophical view of living. I love him. I love all three characters. But I love Earl the most. I love the humour of this movie too. I love it enough, to allow myself wondering what I have done so far? And what if one day I learnt that I am not given so much time on living?

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