Jyväskylä and 1000 questions to answer (1)

Remember 1000 potential thousands questions about the city I quoted before? I woke up today with an idea, thanks to some sips of coffee and some browsing up and down my own blog. I was urged to share more about Jyväskylä, and because maybe I should. I am about to leave it again, stating all the reasons why I can’t stay. But it is not the city getting worse. It is just the city getting too beautiful for my sorrow memory to stay in.

So how about answering those 1000 questions bit by bit, throughout this last month until I leave?

What does the city feel like? What does it smell of? What does it taste? What sound do you hear?

As I said, when I first arrived, the city felt nothing to me. Too much space for me to fit in. Too silent for me to hear. Sounds contrast but it was true. Once you get used to listen through the noise, somehow your brain gets freaked out when there exists no noise. Silent sometimes can become a scary thing. Now, the city feels a bit blur. My senses have been blinded in a way that I have to run the memory tape in my head or walk slower or take a deeper breath or stare a bit longer, for all the past feelings with this city rising up. Can’t say it did not help, remembering act: trying to find the first few reasons why you fall in love. Jyväskylä feels like a christmas tree, in below picture (and by the way, that one was also taken during Xmas 2014 in the city).  It has all the lights, it is blinking, it is beautiful, it is shining. However so, it is just a traditional christmas tree. There are no other light colours, except the most basic one. On top lies a start showing a bit more creative effort. And it is surrounded with snow, little white snowflakes which I always wish I have a quality camera to be able to catch the moment. In its simplest form, it is quietly beautiful.


It smells of leaves in the fall.


It smells of fresh blossom flowers in the summer.


It probably tastes green in the summer too. It tastes more flavourful, with more people dressing in bright colours on the street, stepping out of home sometimes only for sitting on the stairs under the sun. It tastes a little luxury; as people are always afraid the sun might be scared away so they put whole lot effort in trying to grasp light as much as they can. It tastes like the sweats from all the bodies, sunbathing, or running.


It tastes less flavour coming to the fall, for all the greyness wrapping everything. Even so, the core ingredients from summer is still lingered to stay. It tastes of the contrary. It smells watery, owing to the rain. It smells of the sadness from people to say goodbye to the summer and their quietness. Fall is the start of a new study year, or maybe a new job, whatever it is, the beginning of something can be stressful.



I like the sound of ducks in the summer. They are everywhere. One was so closed to me while I was lying on the grass. Or sometimes, they were even closer to my snacks.


And it sounds like Christmas songs in the winter, the cherry rhyme even if there plays no music around. Everyone’s moving is notes to the whole song. The rushing to department stores for Christmas presents, the busy bubble everyone is inside walking around everywhere due to all the arrangements before the holiday comes. The talking of people sitting in coffee shops, with Christmas decorations all over, to catch up with friends or relatives, possibly before they go on winter holiday somewhere warmer. The sound of staplers and wrapping paper in the bookstore. And then the sound of slow disappearance of sound itself, when it comes nearer to Christmas Even, and before I realise it, almost everyone has found a place to be for their Christmas.


So that’s it for the first day and first attempt to give something back what I owed Jyväskylä. I hope you have also sensed what I sensed.


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