Modern Romance


I was browsing through Discovery of WordPress since I was in a mood of reading some nice posts, and maybe leaving a comment. I was advised to do that by the blogger of “The Waiting”; and I started to try couple of days ago, leaving only two comments on two different blogs. Strangely, it felt rather nice. I have formed myself this ignorance since whenever I cannot recall. This ignorance began with not leaving comments on any online discussion; since I don’t believe they would change anything by sitting behind computers, writing down thoughtless comments and hurting others and arguing, proving you will be the rightest. Then this ignorance expanded to not leaving comments online at all, even though some posts I find interesting or fit to my own view or it would be just about a topic I hope to raise opinions against the author. Slowly, this ignorance even includes not reading news, newspapers, articles, listening to radios, anything but the one calls out to my instinct. I admit, I myself, dislike this ignorance of mine. Sometimes, I realise myself on a stand where I don’t follow what others are talking about; just because I chose to ignore reading the news and instead watched a dancing video.
So, since I have already created another public online identity; I figured I’d better act differently. I followed the advice, I left comments and it felt, for the first time, I actually cared. This is not to indicate I am a careless person, I hope. I do care about a lot of things, and people who matter to me the most. However so, I also tend to let go/ ignore things/ people who don’t matter. I have this huge conflict wrapping my personality.

Let rewind back to the article I read 10 minutes ago before I started to write this post. The name is “Isn’t It Romantic? Looking for love in the age of Tinder” – a story (not sure whether it is fictional) about a woman who meets guys through Tinder. In one post of mine in Tumblr, I also shared that I had Tinder account myself. I discussed about how some of us judged this creating account on Tinder; and how I thought social dating app should not receive such strong judgment. I read this post today, and it described quite similar to my own experiences. At the end of the day, Tinder is for one-night-stand, I think. The story draw up briefly how short the contact between two people are sometimes, leaving the total awkwardness for the first try, growing to more frequent after few times, some experience turns out to be good, some turn out to be not. Going on Tinder is not about finding a listen partner or your dream love. Still, human contacts are still human contacts. One get to hear stories from the other one, a piece even a small piece of that person’s life. How strange it has become, that the most intimate thing as sex has transformed into something less intimate thank talking and sharing; owing to the fact that almost every single of us has a skeleton in the closet.
Anyhow, I personally would recommend the writing to everyone to read 🙂

Isn’t It Romantic? Looking for love in the age of Tinder



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