What were you doing 8 years ago?

Okay, so let’s get on the time traveller to the past a bit…

I caught this question reading one source for writing literature background of my thesis. This question came up when the author discussed about the fast evolution changing in life. 8 years ago, we would not believe there was a cell phone which could contain all of our information and allow us to access to almost all the data. Okay so in a way, the question got me thinking (i do do this a lot): what was I doing 8 years ago? 

Let’s see. It was 2008. I was in 8th grade, in junior high school. I am not entirely sure, but I probably were in the middle of taking this test to earn a scholarship studying abroad in Singapore. My big dream at the time was always going abroad. It was strong as this: I went to bed every night, and kept imagining myself returning to visit my family, with better looks, better clothes, better qualifications. Yes, I was rather materialistic. Being a teenager, I wanted everything my parents did not allow me to have. Then, I was probably still getting over my junior high school crush. It seemed to be such a big crush at that time. It could be one of the most unnecessary dramatic time in my life. One good thing coming out of it was me showing to myself how stupid i always once had been. Now that I am writing it down, I start to think any stupid thing I have done cannot compare to that. Does make me feel a bit better. 

I was also probably still coping with the fact I had a little brother. He was born in 2006, 2 years before. I had always been the single child before he was born. I was not being jealous, or I assumed; but it was indeed hard for me to get used to. His crying, the baby’s smell, his dirty diapers. And the fact how much I tried to help my parents, I was seen to be “in the way”. It was definitely weird he started to grow up older, being 2 years old, chubby and all cute. I had this love-hate towards him. 

I could also be rather stressfull and all prepared all te studying to pass the examination, going to one of the best high school in my city. 

Oh, I remembered one other thing. It was probably also the time the guy who liked me for 2 years started dating my best friend. They hid from me of course. 

There could be also many other small things such as my parents’ fights, being outside home almost all the time with this group of girl friends who used to my closest people. They were almost all richer than me. They had nice clothes. They looked more beautiful. And I could not help being jealous. 

8 years ago, I was such a different girl. I was inconfident. I loved dreaming about a perfect guy, with a perfect love that would be all romantic and long lasting. I loved the idea going to Paris because the city was the most romantic place on earth, according to television. 8 years ago, I never thought I would live in this country, where there are days I walk outside and all surrounding me is snow and no one else. Just me and nature. 

And I know a lot more would have happened, but 8 years is a long time to remember all the details. I just hope the core  of that girl 8 years ago is still some where in me 8 years later, hopefully that was who I actually had to be. 


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