“Come, sit down and have a cup of tea. The world isn’t going to leave without you.”

Today I came back to the place where I had this first date with someone, who could be special. It was a lovely tea shop near one of my University campus. I came here with a closed friend today. My first time here was also with her and another closed friend. Back then, the shop was much smaller. There were only around 3 to 4 tables and the owner working. But we liked it so much. We loved the Eastern atmosphere the owner was trying to bring to the shop. A small Eastern place in the middle of a Northern European city.The place is a family business and I happened to hear that the owner was living in China for many years. It could have been her motive and inspiration for such a tea house. [The place’s website]

I love the cups, tea pots design that the owner picked and presented. We used to come here after school, during dark and stressful winter for a cup of warm tea. Some peace, you also might say. The owner is also a lovely lady. She always manages to convince me buying different flavours of tea home. The place was plain as that until couple of months ago, I went here with a new company. The experience with the place started to change. I am sitting here now, sensing the sweetness, the excitement of first talk, the laughs, the undeniable connection, within the old “peace”. My peace of the place has been affected. I tried to sit up, many times, breathed in and out, and forced my head just to be in the flow of presence and not in the past wind. But it is hard, you know.

There is nothing changing with the place. It remains the same. Tables, chairs, books. Maybe some small details as the tea presenting; but the difference relies on how one sees the place. The experience we have is the only thing that changes. The environment, the objects are constant. I look at the city I have been living in for 3 years and now all of a sudden, it has become hard for me to move around inside the city. 

But today, I came back. Sooner than I should. I figured, the place will not disappear; and it is not the place i am hiding from. So no matter where it is, I will always have those memories. So i just followed the place’s instruction: sitting down, drinking tea; because the world isn’t going to leave you. 


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