“The Kings of Summer” when it is -30 degree outside

Today I just watched movie “The Kings of Summer”. I think I saw the trailer some while ago but I did not too much attention; then, I decided to choose it randomly for this evening entertainment time with my friend. The movie was really great, in a more different way than normally. It talked about three teenagers who escaped from their parents by moving to live in the middle of the forest. They built their own house. They attempted to hunt their own food. They tried to live a life where existed no internet, no television, no modern life but nature. The most important thing for their decision is a life with no adult, but themselves. Do you know how a classic American teenager movie goes? I bet you do. And I also bet some of you used to enjoy those movies, like I used to. Maybe now I changed to a classic American romance comedy movie. Anyhow, in those teenager movies, the older you get, you might start to think inside your mind “how stupid they are to act as such” or “what a teenager!”. And I know I am not in a place with so many years older than being called a teenager; but for the first time in a while, the movie does not give me those thoughts.
The kids in the movie did want to become men, skipping through time growing up so that they can be on their own, being free. Every single kid in this world wants the same thing. Every single kid thinks that being an adult gives you the power to know it all, and being in charge. However, if you watched the movie, did you notice the kids’ problems are rather similar to ours? So they wanted to be free. So they wanted to live a life where everyday passes by plainly, surrounding by nature. So the two best friends had a girl in between, affecting their friendship. So one refused to go back to his own life after all. I mean, I used to think I only acted as such because I was not mature enough. Recently, I realise that the age does not even matter at all. The same kinds of problems remain through time. The only thing which might possibly change is your reaction to them. I used the word “possibly” since there is in fact a chance you react the same way you used to do. It might come under different forms, shaped by all experiences you have been through to. However, I think the core of making you who you are will never go away.
I have never thought about this much either until yesterday, when my friend raised up the topic. She is at different age than I am, more mature but we have shared with each other for the last few days much similar deep down thoughts that we do not even sense the distinct line. She already realised the problems would never actually change a while ago. But I, only, recognised today. The movie was even a coincidental touch.
I guess, the point of me writing this post may be, the next time we interact with a younger or older person, we might slow down our assumption that the age makes us wiser or not wiser. On the base of academic knowledge, one definitely can know much more than another one about a particular topic or even in a general level. On the base of living, I think we can always learn from the differences between ourselves.
In the middle of the movie, there were scenes switching only between the main teenager character and his dad. If you notice it the way I do, you might find what I said possible right.
P/s: the way movie was filmed, is beautiful. I do not have enough knowledge to describe it; so I would contain all my feedback in only that word “beautiful”.


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