My first something new of 2016

So, at 13:37 on 06.01.2016, I decided to do something new. I finished my earliest post in Tumblr blog – small corner I created to share my stories in any sorts of my life since summer 2015. I moved my mouse up and down looking at my blog site after posting the post; and it did not seem to fit in Tumblr anymore, as the way it used to be. I started writing publicly in Tumblr for a reason (which I will share with post here soon). I thought I would continue writing there for a while more before I changed to here. I heard about WordPress the first time through my friends who gave me advices on writing blogs.

Since I started writing in high school, I have always been writing for myself. I used to be bad at literature when I was in Junior High School, but for some reason, when I got to write freely years later again, I found my secret crush for writing. It was supposed to be for my own self only, I felt free thinking so. I am not following any rules of writing, I express the words in the way I felt like most at the time putting them down in the screen. Then, one some random day along the way, I got to read a random blog of a random person. My crush in writing developed into something bigger ever since – a passion, a dream. I thought of starting my own blog. But I am shy of bringing one of the most private things in my life to public; and there is even high chance I will receive criticism for doing the things I love. Time passed by. I remembered about my own self before moving to Finland. What people see me, mattered to me so much that I did not recognise I let go many parts of me. The day I moved to Europe, I made a promise to change, and to never treat myself in such a way. I am free; and I want to share with the world what I meant by that word “free”.

Tumblr was my first step ever into this blogging world. I have not yet felt the sense of new year 2016; hence, there could not be better moment than this to start something new. I wish to write not only for myself; but also for you now, who wish to read something random on a boring day, who want to kill time waiting for something, who think one might find a light through others’ stories or simply who accidentally found this blog. This is my corner online, but if we fit in the way of thinking, you are always welcome to stay 🙂

You can find through this link some of my old posts.


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